Today, we will look at various types of A/B testing as we consider their effort and impact. The four-field model of A/B testing shows you which methods actually lead to conversion optimization:
  1. All optimizers dream of “low hanging fruit”(little effort – high impact)
  2. Big things have small beginnings: “High Frequency Testing” (reach your goal in many small steps)
  3. Far too popular, unfortunately: “The dead zone” (great effort, but not well thought-out – hardly any impact)
  4. High-contrast path to the goal: “High Impact Testing” (great effort, but cleverly thought-out – high impact)

Which test field are you testing in?

Even though many optimizers dream of “low hanging fruit,”it usually remains just that ­– a dream. Regrettably, a great deal of testing is done in blind confusion, incorporating technical errors, wasting money and resources and failing to acquire knowledge. In this case, the “high frequency testers” are already ahead of the game, as they enjoy support from many, small micro- conversions. In this way, they aren’t pushing conversions to breath-taking heights from one minute to the next, but they learn from every single action and thus approach the goal step by step.

“High impact testers,”are particularly clever, however, as they generate high contrast with well thought-out concepts for testing. High contrast leads to a change in user behavior and thus to a high conversion rate impact.

If your intent is a respectable impact for your conversion rate, then draw up clever, well thought-out test concepts! Simple, isn’t it?

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