Getting started with your Optimization Strategy

This post is an edited transcript of our recent conversation with Nick So, Director Optimization at WiderFunnel on our Masters of Growth Podcast.

Use a framework for generating hypotheses

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3 Things You Should Do When Optimizing

3 Things You Should Do When Optimizing

No one ever said that a would-be optimizer had it easy. If you read our early post, you’ll know how important it is for companies to do their homework and work on establishing a culture of optimization before they start optimizing. So l
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“More Uplift, More Insight – 4 unseen factors in successful optimization” is locked More Uplift, More Insight – 4 unseen factors in successful optimization

More Uplift, More Insight – 4 unseen factors in successful optimization

Every optimizer knows that a test can end with outstanding uplift one day, and the next day you’re left wondering why the last test failed. Conversion-optimization is more drudgery than the superhero images would have us believe.
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Two Third AB Tests are invalid

Two out of Three of all A/B tests are not valid

I admit that this statement launches terror. So first let me calm you down. It isn’t that the concepts are bad or that A/B testing is unreliable in general. The erroneous results are much more likely to be traced back to something that can ac

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The E-Commerce Paradox

The E-Commerce paradox

Why many conversion optimizers wind up chasing an incorrect feedback loop, and what question we actually should be asking when optimizing.

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Start structuri

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Why you're ending your A/B testing too early

Why you’re ending your A/B testing too early

What does a perfect test runtime look like? Is there even the perfect runtime? What factors ultimately influence the test and its runtime? Is it even possible to predict the runtime at the preliminary stage? When should I stop a test? Withou
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inconspicuous testing errors

No results? Five inconspicuous testing errors that foul-up growth

A handful of testing errors ruins everything. Profitable growth, a higher profit margin, less dependence on expensive “Google drip” – a tiny, half a percent higher conversion rate would probably already provide most individuals
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The U model of validity

The U-Model of Validity

Why it’s important for all participants in a company to agree on a certain measure of validity for test results – because, after all, costs are involved.

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AB Test Checklist

Checklist: 15 simple things for trouble-free A/B tests

Which optimizer doesn’t dream about a trouble-free testing cycle? From perfect hypothesis to beautiful design. An IT department that, hand in hand with quality assurance, provides error-free implementation and, after a short test r
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Fields of AB Testing

The four-fields of A/B-Testing

Today, we will look at various types of A/B testing as we consider their effort and impact. The four-field model of A/B testing shows you which methods actually lead to conversion optimization:
  1. All optimizers dream of “low hanging fruit
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Growth Hacking vs. CRO

Growth Hacking vs. Optimization – What’s the difference, anyway?

When it comes to growth, a lot of people are confused. No surprise there: the terms have changed over time, from conversion rate optimization or just plain conversion optimization. More recently, growth hacking came on the scene, and al
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conversion optimization secrets

These 3 growth hacking and conversion secrets are missed by 90% of companies

Hands up who wants to grow your company? I’m going to assume that everyone has no more than one hand on the keyboard anymore, because if you’re reading this conversion and hacking (internal link?) blog you’re bound to be
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Will new checkout technology give us a boost or give us a headache?

Tech advances in e-commerce are fast and often effective – so fast that by the time you’re reading this post, there may even be a new standard. Without a doubt, checkout methods such as one-click purchasing, Apple Pay or even ch
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