Hands up who wants to grow your company? I’m going to assume that everyone has no more than one hand on the keyboard anymore, because if you’re reading this conversion and hacking (internal link?) blog you’re bound to be interested in growth. Now what if I said that 90% of you should *definitely* keep reading (the other 10% might want to finish up this post just to be sure). Most companies get these three things wrong when they think about growth  

1. Growth hacking is only for startups and tech companies

This is a common misconception on both sides of the start-up/corporate fence. We’ve addressed this question in depth and basically came to the conclusion that everyone can benefit from growth hacking, and optimization too for that matter. If your company gets stuck here – if there is a voice inside your organization that seems to be calling out, “But wait, we can’t be hacking, that’s for start-ups!” – this is the first step.

2. Simply doing A/B tests *is* optimizing

This is another area where a certain way of thinking could be limiting your company from being all it could be. Optimization (and growth hacking) are not possible as a side task from one individual. Neither is an ‘A/B test pilot project‘ going to bring the results your company is hoping for. You’ll need an department to work on these tasks, or even a dedicated resource, for continuous A/B testing and mid- to long-term success in optimization.  

3. Your company is already (almost) growth optimized

Every organization is different – and not every element of corporate culture supports growth and optimization. If you’re looking to improve your company’s growth, start with the mindset. An overall approach that does not enable or even permit constant optimization is not conducive to growth. So start by asking the hard questions and looking closely at your company’s culture. This post is an excerpt from our Masters of Growth Show. Check it out for actionable advice on how to tackle your most important challenges as an optimizers. Also leave us your questions on twitter using #mog to have your questions answered as well. The show is also available on YouTube and Apple Podcast.

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