Tech advances in e-commerce are fast and often effective – so fast that by the time you’re reading this post, there may even be a new standard. Without a doubt, checkout methods such as one-click purchasing, Apple Pay or even chatbox funnels are gaining traction. But how do they affect conversion optimization? What is likely to change in the future? E-commerce processes keep getting simpler for the customer. PayPal, already one of the easiest ways to buy online, launched their Express checkout several years ago to make it more convenient to pay for purchases on a mobile device.

Optimize for the customer!

When you’re looking to grow, it all depends on your relationship with the customer. Obviously, you want to maintain and deepen this relationship. So if new technology can help you improve the quality of your customer relationship, what are you waiting for? You should be welcoming it.

Make it easy to buy but don’t lock yourself in

Some checkout methods such as Apple Pay are very strict about the details, such as the design and placement of the ‘Buy’ button. In this case, a dedicated optimizer has to balance the needs of the customer (who might want Apple Pay) with the requirements of optimizing (which might mean testing different designs or button formats). At the end of the day, it comes down to the question: Is this solution making it easier for a customer to do what she already wants to do? Our goal as optimizers is to leverage customer needs with technology, and if a certain solution does that, we should at least look into it.  

What about AI and chatbots – aren’t they going to take away my job?

Again, selling better means better understanding your customers and their needs. Do you really think chatbots or machines are going to be able to do that any time soon? It seems unlikely that any AI technology will seriously replace human contact in a customer-facing context. On the other hand, if you manage to operationalize the customer contact and sales process into a chatbot, you may be able to scale the process to your advantage. In the next few years, this area could become very interesting for optimizers. Ask yourself how you can reproduce the effect of building great relationships with  customers. This post is an excerpt from our Masters of Growth Show. Check it out for actionable advice on how to tackle your most important challenges as an optimizers. Also leave us your questions on twitter using #mog to have your questions answered as well. The show is also available on YouTube and Apple Podcast.

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