How to create a CRO Process, by Sky UK

Sky is a perfect example of how experimenting in an organized and structured way can lead to growth in conversion rate. In this webinar, Jon Crowder – “the man in the shadows” – will tell us more about how Sky ended u

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How to create a CRO Process, by ConversionXL

If you’re into CRO, you definitely know ConversionXL. Since 2011, the world-wide known agency has been helping marketers to switch from simple A/B tests to a structured and organized CRO Strategy.

How did they end up there? How did t

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Webinar Recording: Google Optimize & E-Mail Notifications in iridion

In this webinar, iridion’s Director Tim Herbig explains and demonstrates three of our latest key release within iridion.

  1. An all-new Dashboard to keep track of your optimization programme at a glance
  2. A powerful e-mail notificatio
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