If you’re into CRO, you definitely know ConversionXL. Since 2011, the world-wide known agency has been helping marketers to switch from simple A/B tests to a structured and organized CRO Strategy.

How did they end up there? How did they build their CRO process? What were their biggest challenges?

Learn how one of the world’s most popular conversion agencies helped hundreds of optimization specialists to elevate their game!


You’ll Learn

1. How did ConversionXL build a successful CRO Strategy
2. Which tools they use during their Optimization Process
3. How does ConversionXL collaborate both within the agency, and with their clients
4. What were their biggest challenges as a Conversion Agency

About our guest: Edgar Spongolts

Edgar has more than a decade of experience running various companies. All of this experience is applied through crafting meticulous CRO strategies that maximize the value gained from an optimization process.

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