How to Manage Your Optimization Process for Better Results

Checklist: 15 simple things for trouble-free A/B tests

15 simple things for trouble-free A:B tests

What optimizer doesn’t dream about a trouble-free testing cycle? From perfect hypothesis to beautiful design. An IT department that, hand in hand with quality assurance, provides error-free implementation and, after a short test runtime, a double-digit increase in sales figures appears. All of this, of course, without discussions with colleagues. problems with implementation or with quality… 

No results? Five inconspicuous testing errors that foul-up growth


A handful of testing errors ruins everything. Profitable growth, a higher profit margin, less dependence on expensive “Google drip” – a tiny, half a percent higher conversion rate would probably already provide most individuals responsible for E-commerce in Germany with enough relief to forget one or the other stress faults and sleep well again at…